What's in a Name?

When the name on your real estate sign is short, it goes a long way for retention.

Ask yourself ...

How easy is to for anyone to quickly retain the phone number or website on your real estate sign as they drive by?

Make It Memorable!

Name recognition goes a long way in the real estate market and your name "Allison" should clearly reflect your brand. The shorter the website name, the easier it is to remember. That's why we recommend memorable FIRST NAME real estate domains.

Shorten your website and dominate your local market with a stand out domain name like Allison.homes.

Don't change your website, change your sign! Redirect our domain to yours.

Simple Domination!

Redirecting Memorable Names

In real estate, you want your prospective clients to remember your brand. Whether it's your name or your region, the shorter and more pronouncable, the better. A short, distinct name is memorable.

Since location is everything for home buyers, online real estate is no exception. Using a memorable web name can define your presence and make it easy for buyers and sellers to find you.

Keep your existing website and your brand. Just change the way people find you.

For example, a branded domain name like WallySmithNewmarket.com is a bit long to spell out. But Wally.tel or Smiths.homes or Nmkt.homes are shorter and easier to remember.

A short or regional name seamlessly redirects to your existing branded site. Use it on your signs and business cards.
Simple as that.

Test Drive one of our memorable domain names today for free!

2 289.tel   |   3 312.tel   |   4 416.tel   |   5 514.tel   |   519.tel   |   6 604.tel   |   613.tel   |   678.tel   |   7 705.tel   |   8 866.tel   |   877.tel   |   9 905.tel   |   A Adam.tel   |   Ajax.tel   |   Alabama.tel   |   Alexanders.homes   |   Allen.tel   |   Allens.homes   |   Allison.homes   |   Allisons.homes   |   Andrews.homes   |   Angel.tel   |   Angelas.homes   |   Anita.homes   |   Anitas.homes   |   Annas.homes   |   Annas.homes   |   Anne.tel   |   Annes.homes   |   Annes.homes   |   Arizona.tel   |   Arkansas.tel   |   Ashley.tel   |   Ashleys.homes   |   Atlantas.homes   |   Aurora.tel   |   AuroraOntario.homes   |   B Barbara.homes   |   Barbaras.homes   |   Barbs.homes   |   Barbs.homes   |   Bath.tel   |   Belfast.tel   |   Bob.tel   |   Boston.tel   |   Brantford.tel   |   Brian.homes   |   Brians.homes   |   Bristol.tel   |   BritishColumbia.tel   |   Bronx.tel   |   Bryans.homes   |   Builder.tel   |   Builders.tel   |   C Cairo.tel   |   California.tel   |   Carlos.homes   |   Carols.homes   |   Central.tel   |   Charlie.homes   |   Charlies.homes   |   Chatham.tel   |   Christina.tel   |   Claude.tel   |   Claudia.homes   |   Condo.tel   |   Condos.tel   |   Connecticut.tel   |   Connies.homes   |   CottageHomes.forsale   |   D D-C.homes   |   DC.tel   |   Daisy.tel   |   Darryl.homes   |   Darryls.homes   |   Denises.homes   |   Dennis.homes   |   Diana.tel   |   Dianes.homes   |   Doug.tel   |   Durham.tel   |   E E-G.homes   |   E-G.homes   |   Emily.homes   |   F Florida.tel   |   FortLauderdale.tel   |   Francis.tel   |   Fredericton.tel   |   FridayHarbourHomes.com   |   G GTA.tel   |   GTAHouses.forsale   |   Georges.homes   |   Georgetown.tel   |   GeorgianBay.homes   |   Georgina.tel   |   GeorginaHomes.forsale   |   Georginas.homes   |   Goderich.homes   |   Goderich.tel   |   GoldenHorseshoe.homes   |   GrandValley.homes   |   Grey.tel   |   Guelph.tel   |   Gus.tel   |   H HQ.tel   |   Hamilton.tel   |   Harry.tel   |   Hasan.homes   |   Hawaii.tel   |   Hillary.tel   |   Homepro.co   |   Homes.tel   |   Houston.tel   |   Huntsville.tel   |   I Idaho.tel   |   Iow.tel   |   Iowa.tel   |   Iqaluit.tel   |   J Jack.tel   |   Jacks.homes   |   Janet.homes   |   Janets.homes   |   Jennifers.homes   |   Jenny.homes   |   Joann.homes   |   Joannes.homes   |   Johannesburg.tel   |   Johnnys.homes   |   Joseph.homes   |   Joseph.tel   |   Josephs.homes   |   K Kauai.tel   |   Kentucky.tel   |   Keswick.Homes   |   Kim.tel   |   Kims.homes   |   KingCity.tel   |   Kingston.tel   |   Kitchener.tel   |   Kyles.homes   |   L L-A.homes   |   L-V.homes   |   L-V.homes   |   Ldn.tel   |   Len.tel   |   Leos.homes   |   Liz.tel   |   Londons.homes   |   Louisiana.tel   |   Lucy.tel   |   M Madrid.tel   |   MaltaHomes.forsale   |   Manhattan.tel   |   Maria.homes   |   Maria.tel   |   Marias.homes   |   Markham.tel   |   Marks.homes   |   Maryland.tel   |   Massachusetts.tel   |   Matthew.homesa   |   Matthew.tel   |   Matthews.homes   |   Matts.homes   |   Maui.tel   |   Melanie.homes   |   Melanie.tel   |   Memorable.tel   |   MexicoCity.tel   |   Michaels.homes   |   Michaels.homes   |   Midland.tel   |   Mississippi.tel   |   Missouri.tel   |   Montreal.tel   |   Munich.tel   |   MuskokaLakes.homes   |   N N-C.homes   |   N-J.homes   |   N-M.homes   |   N-Y.homes   |   NB.tel   |   NJ.tel   |   NYC.tel   |   Naples.tel   |   Nebraska.tel   |   Nevada.tel   |   NewHampshire.tel   |   NewMexico.tel   |   NewOrleans.tel   |   Newark.tel   |   Newfoundland.tel   |   NewmarketOntario.tel   |   Nfld.tel   |   Niagara.tel   |   NiagaraOntario.homes   |   Nmkt.homes   |   Nmkt.tel   |   NorthCarolina.tel   |   NorthDakota.tel   |   NorthHollywood.homes   |   NovaScotia.tel   |   O OH.tel   |   OK.tel   |   Oahu.tel   |   OakRidges.homes   |   OakRidges.tel   |   Oakville.tel   |   Oceanside.tel   |   Olivia.homes   |   Ontario.tel   |   Orangeville.tel   |   Oregon.tel   |   Oshawa.tel   |   Oui.tel   |   P PTBO.homes   |   Peterborough.tel   |   Pickering.tel   |   PortOfSpain.homes   |   PortOfSpain.tel   |   Q Quebec.tel   |   Queensville.homes   |   R R-H.homes   |   R-I.homes   |   Rachel.tel   |   Rachels.homes   |   RealEstateAgent.tel   |   Regina.tel   |   Renos.tel   |   RhodeIsland.tel   |   Richards.homes   |   RichmondHill.tel   |   Rio.tel   |   Roys.homes   |   S S-C.homes   |   S-F.homes   |   SF.tel   |   Sammy.homes   |   Sammy.tel   |   SanFrancisco.tel   |   Sandy.tel   |   Sarnia.tel   |   Saskatchewan.tel   |   Sharon.homes   |   Sharon.tel   |   Shirley.homes   |   Shirleys.homes   |   Smiths.homes   |   Sold.tel   |   SouthCarolina.tel   |   SouthDakota.tel   |   StCatharines.tel   |   Stevens.homes   |   StJohns.tel   |   Stouffville.tel   |   Susan.homes   |   Susans.homes   |   T T-T.homes   |   TelAviv.tel   |   Tennessee.tel   |   ThunderBay.tel   |   Tobago.homes   |   Tobago.tel   |   Toronto.tel   |   Torontos.homes   |   Townhouses.tel   |   Trenton.tel   |   Trinidad-Tobago.homes   |   Trinidad-Tobago.tel   |   Trinidad.tel   |   U UT.tel   |   V VT.tel   |   Vaughan.tel   |   Veronica.homes   |   Veronica.tel   |   Vicky.tel   |   Victors.homes   |   W W-S.homes   |   W-S.homes   |   W-V.homes   |   WA.tel   |   Wally.homes   |   Wally.tel   |   Warsaw.tel   |   Wasaga.homes   |   WaterFrontHomes.forsale   |   Waterloo.tel   |   Waynes.homes   |   WestVirginia.tel   |   Whitehorse.tel   |   Windsor.tel   |   Winnipeg.tel   |   Wyoming.tel   |   Y Y-R.homes   |   Yellowknife.tel   |   Yonge.tel   |   YorkRegion.tel   |   Yorkville.tel   |   Yrk.tel   |   Yukon.tel   |     |  

How It Works

Use our short and memorable domain name to redirect to your website. There are no changes required to your site. Our domain name simply redirects to your existing site. Change your sign and advertising to use the memorable domain name.

Why choose a .Homes or .Tel domain?

Realtors ™ now have myriad choices for domain names using several of the 100's of new domain endings like .realtor, .realty or .homes. However, note that all the short and prominent .realtor ™ domain names are gone.

.Homes is the premier domain extension for residential real estate professionals, while .Tel provides a short extension for mobile calls.

Both extensions provide myriad possibilties for memorable names and are a perfect digital location for your real estate-focused website. They perform just like .com or .ca, but are search-friendly solutions to a stronger, memorable brand.

Get a short, memorable website address that will help make it easy for your customers or prospects to remember and find you online!

Test Drive a Domain Name

Feel free to try one of our domain names for a day.

Enter your main website link here:

Pick a memorable domain name:

We'll redirect our name to your website for one day for your free trial.

Search Engine Presence

Regional dominance on "Page 1" of Google and other search engines is based upon content and domain names that match the search terms that purchasers use. Our regional domain names match those search terms and help your website to be found ahead of your competitors.

North Hollywood Homes or Aurora Ontario Homes perfectly match the search results of your prospects.


Differentiate your marketing and signage with a website that dominates your local market. One that is easy to remember.

Lease, lease-to-buy or buy outright. One unexpected sale pays for the domain name. Call Mark at 416-726-4338 to enquire about pricing or learn about domain redirection for an outstanding presence.

289.tel [Lease or Buy]
312.tel [Lease or Buy]
416.tel [Lease or Buy]
514.tel [Lease or Buy]
519.tel [Lease or Buy]
604.tel [Lease or Buy]
613.tel [Lease or Buy]
678.tel [Lease or Buy]
705.tel [Lease or Buy]
866.tel [Lease or Buy]
877.tel [Lease or Buy]
905.tel [Lease or Buy]
Adam.tel [Lease or Buy]
Ajax.tel [Lease or Buy]
Alabama.homes SOLD!
Alabama.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Allison.homes [Lease or Buy]
Allisons.homes [Lease or Buy]
Andrews.homes [Lease or Buy]
Angel.tel [Lease or Buy]
Angelas.homes [Lease or Buy]
Anita.homes [Lease or Buy]
Anitas.homes [Lease or Buy]
Annas.homes [Lease or Buy]
Annas.homes [Lease or Buy]
Anne.tel [Lease or Buy]
Annes.homes [Lease or Buy]
Annes.homes [Lease or Buy]
Arizona.homes SOLD!
Arizona.tel [Lease or Buy]
Arkansas.tel [Lease or Buy]
Ashley.tel [Lease or Buy]
Ashleys.homes [Lease or Buy]
Atlanta.homes SOLD!
Atlantas.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Aurora.tel [Lease or Buy]
AuroraOntario.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Barbaras.homes [Lease or Buy]
Barbs.homes [Lease or Buy]
Barbs.homes [Lease or Buy]
Bath.tel [Lease or Buy]
Belfast.tel [Lease or Buy]
Bob.tel [Lease or Buy]
Boston.homes SOLD!
Boston.tel [Lease or Buy]
Brantford.tel [Lease or Buy]
Brian.homes [Lease or Buy]
Brians.homes [Lease or Buy]
Bristol.tel [Lease or Buy]
BritishColumbia.tel [Lease or Buy]
Bronx.homes SOLD!
Bronx.tel [Lease or Buy]
Bryans.homes [Lease or Buy]
Builder.tel [Lease or Buy]
Builders.tel [Lease or Buy]
Cairo.tel [Lease or Buy]
Caledon.homes SOLD!
California.homes SOLD!
California.tel [Lease or Buy]
Carlos.homes [Lease or Buy]
Carols.homes [Lease or Buy]
Central.tel [Lease or Buy]
Charlie.homes [Lease or Buy]
Charlies.homes [Lease or Buy]
Chatham.tel [Lease or Buy]
Christina.tel [Lease or Buy]
Claude.tel [Lease or Buy]
Claudia.homes [Lease or Buy]
ColoradoSprings.homes SOLD!
Condo.tel [Lease or Buy]
Condos.tel [Lease or Buy]
Connecticut.tel [Lease or Buy]
Connies.homes [Lease or Buy]
CottageHomes.forsale [Lease or Buy]
D-C.homes [Lease or Buy]
DC.tel [Lease or Buy]
Daisy.tel [Lease or Buy]
Darryl.homes [Lease or Buy]
Darryls.homes [Lease or Buy]
Denise.homes SOLD!
Denise.tel SOLD!
Denises.homes [Lease or Buy]
Dennis.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Diana.tel [Lease or Buy]
Dianes.homes [Lease or Buy]
Doug.tel [Lease or Buy]
Durham.tel [Lease or Buy]
E-G.homes [Lease or Buy]
E-G.homes [Lease or Buy]
Emily.homes [Lease or Buy]
Florida.tel [Lease or Buy]
FortLauderdale.tel [Lease or Buy]
Francis.tel [Lease or Buy]
Fredericton.tel [Lease or Buy]
FridayHarbourHomes.com [Lease or Buy]
GTA.tel [Lease or Buy]
GTAHouses.forsale [Lease or Buy]
Georges.homes [Lease or Buy]
Georgetown.tel [Lease or Buy]
GeorgianBay.homes [Lease or Buy]
Georgina.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Georginas.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Goderich.tel [Lease or Buy]
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GrandValley.homes [Lease or Buy]
Grey.tel [Lease or Buy]
Guelph.tel [Lease or Buy]
Gus.tel [Lease or Buy]
HQ.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Hawaii.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Homepro.co [Lease or Buy]
Homes.tel [Lease or Buy]
Houston.tel [Lease or Buy]
Huntsville.tel [Lease or Buy]
Idaho.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Iqaluit.tel [Lease or Buy]
Jack.tel [Lease or Buy]
Jacks.homes [Lease or Buy]
Janet.homes [Lease or Buy]
Janets.homes [Lease or Buy]
Jennifers.homes [Lease or Buy]
Jenny.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Joseph.tel [Lease or Buy]
Josephs.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Kingston.tel [Lease or Buy]
Kitchener.tel [Lease or Buy]
Kyles.homes [Lease or Buy]
L-A.homes [Lease or Buy]
L-V.homes [Lease or Buy]
L-V.homes [Lease or Buy]
Ldn.tel [Lease or Buy]
Len.tel [Lease or Buy]
Leos.homes [Lease or Buy]
Liz.tel [Lease or Buy]
London.homes SOLD!
Londons.homes [Lease or Buy]
Louisiana.tel [Lease or Buy]
Lucy.tel [Lease or Buy]
Madrid.tel [Lease or Buy]
MaltaHomes.forsale [Lease or Buy]
Manhattan.tel [Lease or Buy]
Maria.homes [Lease or Buy]
Maria.tel [Lease or Buy]
Marias.homes [Lease or Buy]
Mark.tel SOLD!
Markham.tel [Lease or Buy]
Marks.homes [Lease or Buy]
Maryland.tel [Lease or Buy]
Massachusetts.tel [Lease or Buy]
Matthew.homesa [Lease or Buy]
Matthew.tel [Lease or Buy]
Matthews.homes [Lease or Buy]
Matts.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Melanie.tel [Lease or Buy]
Memorable.tel [Lease or Buy]
MexicoCity.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Michaels.homes [Lease or Buy]
Michaels.homes [Lease or Buy]
Midland.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Mississippi.tel [Lease or Buy]
Missouri.tel [Lease or Buy]
Montreal.tel [Lease or Buy]
Munich.tel [Lease or Buy]
MuskokaLakes.homes [Lease or Buy]
N-C.homes [Lease or Buy]
N-J.homes [Lease or Buy]
N-M.homes [Lease or Buy]
N-Y.homes [Lease or Buy]
NB.tel [Lease or Buy]
NJ.tel [Lease or Buy]
NYC.tel [Lease or Buy]
Naples.tel [Lease or Buy]
Nebraska.tel [Lease or Buy]
Nevada.tel [Lease or Buy]
NewHampshire.tel [Lease or Buy]
NewMexico.tel [Lease or Buy]
NewOrleans.tel [Lease or Buy]
Newark.tel [Lease or Buy]
Newfoundland.tel [Lease or Buy]
NewmarketOntario.tel [Lease or Buy]
Nfld.tel [Lease or Buy]
Niagara.tel [Lease or Buy]
NiagaraOntario.homes [Lease or Buy]
Nmkt.homes [Lease or Buy]
Nmkt.tel [Lease or Buy]
NorthCarolina.tel [Lease or Buy]
NorthDakota.tel [Lease or Buy]
NorthHollywood.homes [Lease or Buy]
NovaScotia.tel [Lease or Buy]
OH.tel [Lease or Buy]
OK.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oahu.tel [Lease or Buy]
OakRidges.homes [Lease or Buy]
OakRidges.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oakville.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oceanside.homes SOLD!
Oceanside.tel [Lease or Buy]
Olivia.homes [Lease or Buy]
Ontario.tel [Lease or Buy]
Orangeville.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oregon.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oshawa.tel [Lease or Buy]
Oui.tel [Lease or Buy]
PTBO.homes [Lease or Buy]
Peterborough.tel [Lease or Buy]
Pickering.tel [Lease or Buy]
PortOfSpain.homes [Lease or Buy]
PortOfSpain.tel [Lease or Buy]
Quebec.tel [Lease or Buy]
Queensville.homes [Lease or Buy]
R-H.homes [Lease or Buy]
R-I.homes [Lease or Buy]
Rachel.homes SOLD!
Rachel.tel [Lease or Buy]
Rachels.homes [Lease or Buy]
RealEstateAgent.tel [Lease or Buy]
Regina.tel [Lease or Buy]
Renos.tel [Lease or Buy]
RhodeIsland.tel [Lease or Buy]
Richards.homes [Lease or Buy]
RichmondHill.homes SOLD!
RichmondHill.tel [Lease or Buy]
Rio.tel [Lease or Buy]
Roys.homes [Lease or Buy]
S-C.homes [Lease or Buy]
S-F.homes [Lease or Buy]
SF.homes SOLD!
SF.tel [Lease or Buy]
Sammy.homes [Lease or Buy]
Sammy.tel [Lease or Buy]
SanFrancisco.tel [Lease or Buy]
Sandy.tel [Lease or Buy]
Sarnia.tel [Lease or Buy]
Saskatchewan.tel [Lease or Buy]
Sharon.homes [Lease or Buy]
Sharon.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Shirleys.homes [Lease or Buy]
Smiths.homes [Lease or Buy]
Sold.tel [Lease or Buy]
SouthCarolina.tel [Lease or Buy]
SouthDakota.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Stevens.homes [Lease or Buy]
StJohns.tel [Lease or Buy]
Stouffville.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Susans.homes [Lease or Buy]
T-T.homes [Lease or Buy]
TelAviv.tel [Lease or Buy]
Tennessee.tel [Lease or Buy]
ThunderBay.Homes SOLD!
ThunderBay.tel [Lease or Buy]
Tobago.homes [Lease or Buy]
Tobago.tel [Lease or Buy]
Toronto.homes SOLD!
Toronto.tel [Lease or Buy]
Torontos.homes [Lease or Buy]
Townhouses.tel [Lease or Buy]
Trenton.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Trinidad-Tobago.tel [Lease or Buy]
Trinidad.tel [Lease or Buy]
UT.tel [Lease or Buy]
VT.tel [Lease or Buy]
Vaughan.tel [Lease or Buy]
Vernon.homes SOLD!
Veronica.homes [Lease or Buy]
Veronica.tel [Lease or Buy]
Vicky.tel [Lease or Buy]
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W-S.homes [Lease or Buy]
W-V.homes [Lease or Buy]
WA.tel [Lease or Buy]
Wally.homes [Lease or Buy]
Wally.tel [Lease or Buy]
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Wasaga.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Waterloo.tel [Lease or Buy]
Waynes.homes [Lease or Buy]
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Whitehorse.tel [Lease or Buy]
Windsor.tel [Lease or Buy]
Winnipeg.tel [Lease or Buy]
Wyoming.tel [Lease or Buy]
Y-R.homes [Lease or Buy]
Yellowknife.tel [Lease or Buy]
Yonge.tel [Lease or Buy]
York.homes SOLD!
YorkRegion.tel [Lease or Buy]
Yorkville.tel [Lease or Buy]
Yrk.tel [Lease or Buy]
Yukon.tel [Lease or Buy]
[Lease or Buy]

2020-07-02 N-D.homes
2020-07-02 Cottagehomes.forsale
2020-07-02 N-C.homes
2020-07-02 NorthHollywood.homes
2020-07-02 R-H.homes
2020-07-02 W-S.homes
2020-07-02 D-C.homes
2020-07-02 Y-R.homes
2020-07-02 S-F.homes
2020-07-02 N-D.homes
2020-07-02 N-C.homes
2020-07-02 S-D.homes
2020-07-02 N-M.homes
2020-07-02 W-S.homes
2020-07-02 Waynes.homes
2020-07-02 S-F.homes
2020-07-02 W-V.homes
2020-07-02 S-D.homes
2020-07-02 S-C.homes
2020-07-02 Torontos.homes
2020-07-02 Y-R.homes
2020-07-02 Maltahomes.forsale
2020-07-02 R-H.homes
2020-07-02 R-I.homes
2020-07-02 L-V.homes
2020-07-02 NorthHollywood.homes
2020-07-02 L-A.homes
2020-07-02 E-G.homes
2020-07-02 N-H.homes
2020-07-02 N-M.homes
2020-07-02 N-D.homes
2020-07-02 N-C.homes
2020-07-02 L-V.homes
2020-07-02 D-C.homes
2020-07-02 S-C.homes
2020-07-02 L-A.homes
2020-07-02 Waynes.homes
2020-07-02 N-J.homes
2020-07-02 W-V.homes
2020-07-02 R-I.homes
2020-07-02 N-H.homes
2020-07-02 E-G.homes
2020-07-02 Y-R.homes
2020-07-02 D-C.homes
2020-07-02 Y-R.homes
2020-07-02 N-M.homes
2020-07-02 W-V.homes
2020-07-02 N-H.homes
2020-07-02 R-I.homes
2020-07-02 Y-R.homes
2020-07-02 L-A.homes
2020-07-02 Torontos.homes
2020-07-02 S-F.homes
2020-07-02 Cottagehomes.forsale
2020-07-02 FridayHarbourHomes.com
2020-07-02 Georgina.homes
2020-07-02 S-D.homes
2020-07-02 Georgina.homes
2020-07-02 S-C.homes
2020-07-02 FridayHarbourHomes.com
2020-07-02 R-H.homes
2020-07-02 Maltahomes.forsale
2020-07-02 Waynes.homes
2020-07-02 FridayHarbourHomes.com
2020-07-01 S-F.homes
2020-07-01 S-D.homes
2020-07-01 S-C.homes
2020-07-01 S-F.homes
2020-07-01 Waterfronthomes.forsale
2020-07-01 FridayHarbourHomes.com
2020-07-01 R-H.homes
2020-07-01 N-J.homes
2020-07-01 L-V.homes
2020-07-01 S-C.homes
2020-07-01 N-D.homes
2020-07-01 Waterfronthomes.forsale
2020-07-01 N-D.homes
2020-07-01 Y-R.homes
2020-07-01 L-V.homes
2020-07-01 Allison.homes
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2020-07-01 Waynes.homes
2020-07-01 W-S.homes
2020-07-01 Torontos.homes
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2020-07-01 Maltahomes.forsale
2020-07-01 N-H.homes
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2020-07-01 L-V.homes
2020-07-01 N-C.homes
2020-07-01 L-V.homes